I started coding in High School with Delphi applications, I later started developing websites in a personal capacity. I took Computer Studies HG throughout High School where I was taught the fundamentals of programming.

After a 3 year stint studying a degree in Medicine I decided to go back to Coding by switching my degree to Computer Science. In my time at UCT I then also took a part-time job as a web developer at the DPRU within the Economic Department of UCT.

In my early professional career I ran my own business called Builtneat and freelanced through which I worked with a number of big organization most notably Ernst & Young, Pepsico & Vodacom.

In 2012 I started work as a Lead Developer at eNCA, I was later appointed as Head of Development a role in which I have built web platforms that serves between 1 and 2 million unique users a month.

In 2016 I was appointed as Group Head of Development at eMedia Investments, here I was put in charge of eTV, eNCA & Platco.


Notable Achievements

2006 – Merit Award for (A) average in Matric.
2009 – Profiled by 5fm by Sureshni Rider
2009 – Interviewed by Reuben Goldberg on ClassicFM
2009 – Profiled by The Herald for locallist.co.za
2010 – Named top young tech entrepreneur by the W. Cape’s Citi ITHeroes project.
2010 – Profiled on top SA tech blogs like Memeburn.com & iAfrica.com
2011 – Named top emerging entrepreneur by Old Mutual
2013 – Appointed as Head of Development at eNCA
2015 – BBC Award for Best Application for Target Users
2016 – Regular contributor to eNCA Moneyline & Destiny Man Magazine


Skills Overview


  • Application Development & Architecture

This is my key strength, I made all the architectural decisions on all the projects I have been involved in during my career. In recent years I have developed a preferred development stack, having come from a Java background academically I am now completely a PHP developer.

Favorite stack: PHP, Laravel Framework, nGinx, Varnish, Vue.js Javascript framework MySQL/PostgreSQL, Redis


  • System Infrastructure

I was responsible for putting together the system architecture at eNCA. The system had to be able to handle more than 20 000 concurrent users and more than 10 million hits per month. We achieved this through using: Varnish for page caching and as an load-balancer, a redundant AWS RDS DB setup, multiple AWS EC2 instances, Redis for caching DB Query results.


  • Team Management

At eMedia I manage a team of 10 people including: Testers, Senior & Junior PHP Back-end developers, Senior & Junior Front-end developers, Systems Administrators. We used the Scrum product development methodology with daily stand-ups, weekly retrospectives etc.


Examples of Work




Miscellaneous Interviews:


How I keep my skills sharp


Online Courses

Laracasts – PHP/Laravel/Javascript/Tooling Tutorials
Treehouse – App Development Tutorials


-> BBC Minute “Wake Up Call”
This was an app that I built at a BBC Developer challenge in Cape Town in 2015. It allowed people to SMS us to subscribe and then we would automatically give them a voice call daily with a daily summary of the news.

//Stack: Laravel, PHP, Nexmo SMS/Voice API, MySQL, Nginx

-> Local List
This was a project I did whilst I was a student. I built a bot that crawled local South African servers to find websites and resources that local-only internet users could visit when their data was capped. The project was part of ISLabs

//Stack: PHP, Centos, Apache, MySQL, HTML, CSS

-> HTML5 Christmas App
In 2011 I built an HTML5 game that made use of the accelerometer on iPhones to make it possible for users to play with snowflakes.

//Stack: HTML5, Javascript (a lot of it), CSS3


Sitepoint, StackOverflow, books (latest: C++ Design Patterns)


I go to most technical conferences where I can eg. Craft PHP Conference.